RobotInteractive video has the potential to be a digital marketing game-changer. It may have not made a splash just yet, but as interactive technology improves, so will advertising ideas.

If you are not sure what interactive marketing is, take a look at these examples. The medium essentially has the potential to raise brand awareness and involve customers with your store and products from remote locations.

Standard video advertising is a passive medium. You have between six and thirty seconds to grab the viewer’s attention and still need prospects to act before you strike a conversion.

With interactive video, you can engage viewers physically (or virtually) in various ways. The key advantage is getting them involved so that they are absorbed in your marketing program and are engaged enough to return.

Interactive Video games

Some of the most popular video games over the last decade feature story-telling of real-life scenarios. They have a variety of things for the character to do, even mundane events that don’t seem to lend any value to the gamer.

But it is the ability for the player to create their own story that is part of the appeal. Therefore, if you are going to design a video marketing game, you need to give the prospect multiple options to keep them coming back for another experience.

When you make something addictive, there is a desire for online users to return – which is great for SEO. And interactive video also increases your chances of improving conversions – which is great for profits. Two important boxes ticked.

Play on the desire of consumers. People love shopping, and one of the complaints of online shopping is you don’t get the thrill of the hunt or get to touch, see and smell whatever it is they want to purchase.

But what if you can provide a real-life experience in the virtual world? A tour of your store, perhaps with a virtual assistance to talk customers through their options, for example.

The fun of online shopping

Online shopping is becoming more popular because of its convenience. It is also fun to receive something through the post. But the process of browsing through product pages and reading sales copy does not offer many fun elements.

Adapting a gaming philosophy into interactive adverts offers a solution, but you will be wasting your time if the video only offers a one-off experience. The primary reason for people ditching apps after the first couple of tries is because they are not engaging. Interactive videos could suffer the same frailties.

As suggested above, you don’t necessarily have to gamify your marketing videos. The important thing is to involve consumers in some way that they want to come for more and enjoy a different experience.

Anybody of a certain age, ahem, may remember the adventure books that gave readers two options at the end of each chapter. Whichever option the reader chose would develop into a different story. The point is, readers would always return to the same story.

And so it is with interactive video. Give viewers a reason to return. Don’t develop a one-time wonder otherwise you will have wasted your marketing efforts. And interactive video is a marketing strategy too good to waste.