Power Up Your Website: A Closer Look At Google Webmaster Tools

digital-marketing-strategyLast week we promised a closer look at Google Webmaster Tools and how to leverage the platform to improve the overall performance of your website. True to our word we’re back and today we’ll cover some of the more advanced features you can use to get an edge on your competitors.
If you’re new to GWT some of these features may seem a little alien to you, but there is nothing difficult about them and you will soon see the benefits of delving deeper into Google Webmaster Tools.

#1: Author Stats

One feature that seems to escape many GWT newbies is author stats, which you can find under the Labs section of the main interface. Although this features is still in beta you can get some very useful insights into your published content – including the number of articles under your name, impressions, clicks and average Google rank. These insights can be invaluable if you want to use content to become and authority on your industry.

#2: Structured data highlighter

The structured data highlighter makes semantic markup like Schema easier to manage on your website. Pages using Schema have been found to perform up to four times better in search results, yet websites have been very slow to adopt the semantic markup library – which gives you a large window of opportunity to get ahead early.

#3: HTML Improvements

You can find HTML Improvement under the Search Appearance section in GWT, where you will find a number of tools to debug and optimise your web code. You can track down duplicate links, missing title tags and optimise meta descriptions – as well as any non-indexable content you may have on your site.

#4: Reorder your sitelinks in SERPS

If Google decides your website is just what users are looking for, it sometimes displays sitelinks underneath your listing. You can’t choose whether Google shows these links, but you can change the order if you think a reshuffle can improve your click through rate. You can do this under the Search Appearance section by clicking on the Sitelinks options and choosing to demote a link to move it down the list.

#5: Fetch as Google

Fetch as Google lets you see how the search engine sees and reads your website, with insights into server response, crawl request time, HTML code and visible content. This not only helps you pinpoint any issues Google has with crawling your site and any odd behaviour in your search presence – but it’s an essential tool should your site get hacked.

Now it’s over to you

This is just a small collection of the features at your disposal under Google Webmaster Tools and the more time you spend on familiarising yourself with the platform, the more you’ll wonder how you ever got by without out it.

There are a number of tutorials, guides and articles out there to help you get more from Google Webmaster Tools and this is one of those platforms you can never know too well. So read up, experiment as much as you can and don’t forget to get in touch if you need a helping hand.

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