Google Search On Apple iPad2 - mobile marketing for retailersThe online landscape has become more difficult to navigate over the last couple of years. The internet is flooded with brands jostling for attention. As a result, visibility has become more difficult.

In order to develop an online profile, companies have turned to content to raise online visibility and attract organic customers. But to do this successfully, the quality of your content has to be engaging enough to impact on readers.

To do that, you need a distinctive voice and a personality readers love to digest. Once you develop a personality, you will attract a bigger following. The possibility to become something of an online celebrity is a real potential.

You may have already noticed in your own industry that people are getting more attention and respect than they would have but for the platform of the internet. So what does it take to become an online celebrity?

Build authority

The first step to building a huge following is to position yourself as an expert in your field. If you build an online authority that people trust, the numbers of followers you can attract can catapult you into celebrity status – even if it is only in your industry.

To build authority you should be writing guest pieces for third party magazines and websites with a strong following. You should also be active in forums and social media networks offering advice and assistance.

Earn trust

Internet users are consumers and they know the value of research before purchase. By keeping a blog offering advice that is of value to readers your level of trustworthiness goes up.

You should therefore be looking to engage with readers and ask them to leave reviews and comments about the contents of your article. Readers that typically leave comments are others in the know from the same industry that either back up your advice or ask a question. Make sure to reply to every comment.

Develop a voice

The most difficult aspect of content writing online is developing a voice. If you are writing about a dry subject it is difficult to get readers excited, so make jokes and tell anecdotes.

Entertainment value goes further than providing advice, but it may not always be appropriate. If you offer a service that requires a degree of sensitivity such as a funeral house, hospital or personal injury lawyer, making jokes is not appropriate.

In such circumstances, you need to appeal to the readers sensibilities. By all means, show empathy and understanding in the choice of words you use, but most importantly offer advice in a way they understand. Turning on a light in the readers mind will make them come back for more information.

Another option is to develop a character such as a cartoon character you write the words for. For this to be successful you will need a visual of your character and a quirky name that is easy to remember and, ideally, associates customers with your brand.

Building an online profile may not work for every industry, but for most there is certainly scope to attract a strong following and become an online celebrity.