social mediaThe ability to analyse data to determine the impact of your social media campaign is crucial. Fortunately for marketers, GinzaMetrics recently launched a new range of tools to make things that little bit more easy and effective.

The Social Intelligence Suite has four key tools designed for marketers to assess the performance of their social media strategy and the ROI of your campaign. The tools also help you set goals and helps to refine your overall social strategy.

The four tools focus on Marketing Channel Performance, Competitor Social Landscape, Content Insights and Social Engagement Analytics. You can also pull data across a full range of devices.

Marketing channel performance

MCP allows you to compare the impact of your social marketing campaign against other strategies you have in your digital arsenal. Metrics detailing cost and return on revenue are calculated and matched up side-by-side so marketers – and your accounts manager – can register at a glance which SEO strategies are working.

The metrics enable you to pinpoint key areas of your online marketing campaign such as how much engagement content is getting through social media channels versus search engines.

The Competitor Social Landscape tool allows you to assess your social performance against that of your competitors – which sounds a bit like social espionage, but only gives you stats relating to content traffic and number of followers.

Content insights

One of the most useful tools is Content Insights which pinpoints the performance of specific content. This enables you to identify what types of content are attracting the most traffic, likes and shares.

This type of statistical data is essential for your content marketing campaign as it can help you hone in on the areas that are getting the most engagement from your audience and are attracting the most organic traffic.

Not only that, but it can help you identify keywords that are ranking well in search engines so you can concentrate more content around those keywords and dominate page rank for certain products.

The Social Engagement tool performs a similar role, but identifies performance of content across social platforms only. The benefit of this tool is to determine which social networks are working best for your company so you can identify where to put more energy into.

GinzaMetrics Social Intelligence Suite clearly has multiple advantages for marketers. The only downside is it is one of the most expensive packages on the market. Ringing in at around £600 it will pinch a few budgets so hard it hurts.