social media iconsWith Facebook Messenger and Snapchat using popularity, social network users are looking towards other apps to access content, engage with brands and find entertaining videos to share.

The big hitters are still batting the ball out the park, but user behaviour is changing and consumers are looking for something new. So where will you find your audience in 2016?

Facebook still reigns supreme

Long time users may be losing interest in Facebook, but there is no doubt that the social media giant is still stomping all over its competitors.

But whilst millennials are looking for something new, Facebook is attracting an older audience aged 65 and upwards.

The reason for the shift in demographic is because young people are migrating to apps their parents are not using. So where are the kids going?


Fair enough, Instagram is owned by Facebook so is only a jump for the kids to make, but the image-sharing network has become more popular with users in a short space of time.

Predominantly featuring videos and photos, Instagram is easily digested on mobile phones and the content published on the social platform is typically top-notch, although the standard is dropping as more online businesses attempt to capture a growing audience.

Yik Yak

One of the most popular social media apps of the new crowd is Yik Yak, although bad press may damage its reputation. Despite being used for cyber bullying, students have really taken to Yik Yak as an alternative to other better known sites.

The benefit of Yik Yak is the audience is concentrated on locals and the youngsters find it is a great place to gripe, joke and share content. For businesses focusing on a local audience, Yik Yak could leverage brand awareness, even if the app does only have a short-term appeal.


You are most likely to find millennials on social media apps like Storehouse. The minimalistic and simplistic app makes it easy for non-design professionals to create rich media content.

The focus of Storehouse is firmly on story-telling, a technique that is set to feature more predominantly in content curation in the coming months and years. Storehouse creator Mark Kawano said:

“People are craving authenticity and real connections more so now than ever before. Instead of communicating one to many, people want a real connection – especially around vacations, kids, creative work, and other parts of life that fill our camera rolls.”

Connecting with your audience on social media marketing is a vital piece of your marketing strategy. However, it is also essential that you find the right target audience otherwise you are creating content for consumers that have no interest in your brand.

Find out which social apps your audience is hanging out in and you will increase your chances of connecting with them and getting them to engage with your brand.