Social media signsAccording to social media analytics group SocialBakers, the number of people watching videos on Facebook exceeds the number of viewers received by YouTube.

Two months ago the company discovered that more videos were being uploaded directly to Facebook rather than users posting videos from YouTube. As a result, the social media giant is has attracted a large portion of YouTube’s audience.

The study was conducted by assessing the video upload activity of 20,000 brands, media outlets, celebrities and entertainment companies that have a Facebook account.

It was determined that the majority were choosing Facebook over YouTube to post videos. Over the same period, the video share of YouTube has noticeably plummeted.

Marketing success for Facebook

The result is a major success for Facebook, particularly given the network has been criticised by marketers for restricting content and using click-farms which ultimately destroy interaction with real followers.

However, as a file sharing platform, Facebook is the most popular interface on the net and still has a place for marketers. For the top brands at least. But like so many Facebook statistics, SocialBaker’s results are flawed.

Facebook run an autoplay feature that plays videos automatically. The statistics therefore show the number of videos that have been played – and not the number of videos users have chosen to play.

Even still, that marketers are choosing to ignore YouTube in favour of Facebook, indicates they are getting more joy from the social network and can save time uploading videos directly to Facebook rather than channelling them through YouTube.

There is no doubt that Facebook receives the giant share of engagement from social users, but ignoring other platforms may be a strategy brands will regret in the future.