Instagram Gets Serious For Business Owners And Social Marketers

Social media conceptInstagram just got a lot more serious for business owners and social marketers after it announced a new suite of tools to help brands get better insights into how their content performs on the social network.

Instagram is a powerful brand engagement network, with a user base that is growing at an incredible rate. At the core of Instagram’s business model is a philosophy to help brands engage with their audience on a deeper level using visual content – which is why Instagram has become such a powerful social marketing tool for business owners, online brands and social marketers.

Instagram appears to be listening

Business owners have been screaming out for better insights into how their content is consumed on the visual platform for quite some time. It’s no secret that Instagram boasts some incredible engagement metrics, but business users have been craving core data related to how their target audience interacts and responds to their photo and video content.

It seems Instagram has been paying attention as well and the network has announced that a new suite of tools will roll out over the “coming weeks and months” to give brands a better idea of how their organic and paid content is performing on Instagram.

What to expect from new Instagram tools

The new tools are designed to help online brands get better insights into their content and improve their social media marketing strategy on Instagram. Three tools have been announced and select Instagram advertisers can expect to see them in the next few months.

Account insights mean you can measure how much you are increasing brand awareness on Instagram by monitoring engagement, reach and impressions. You can track an overall summary for the last 28 days and previous weeks, as well as more specific metrics for audience and overall performance.

Ad insights allow you to get more from your paid ad campaigns on Instagram – with analytics feedback for impressions, reach and frequency. You can access this data for each individual ad that reaches your target audience and compare their performance with your other paid ads.

Ad staging brings collaboration to Instagram’s paid advertisement service, allowing creative teams to work on ad campaigns, preview, save and collaborate more effectively.

Limited impact – for now

Instagram advertisers will get first access to these tools over the next few months – which will give the company a chance to get feedback and improve the services before a wider release at some point “later this year”.

At this point it’s worth noting that ads are still a rare thing on Instagram and limited to the US for a select few brands. Keep in mind that Facebook now owns Instagram and the social giant is very conscious of scaring away users by integrated ads too quickly. It’s simply a matter of time though as the network needs to start generating income as part of the Facebook family.

In the meantime, the majority of business owners will have to wait to see a wider release of the Instagram toolkit and a greater presence of ads on the visual network.