youtubeThe number of internet users digesting video content is growing, and with platforms hosting digital video adverts, brands have the possibility of reaching a wider target audience.

YouTube has been a mainstay of video advertising and now it has been joined by Facebook, there has never been a better time to advertise online using a video format.

Video is easy to digest and with more mobile users engaging with online content, video is the preferred choice of format. Nielson reports that 64% of marketers say video marketing will dominate their digital marketing strategy by 2017.

It is estimated that around 20 million people watch at least one online video a week in the UK alone, and it is young mother’s that are engaging with video content more than any other audience type.

Mum’s on Youtube

A recent Google think piece highlighted that 83% of mother’s are tuning into YouTube – more than any other audience member.

The survey reveals that mother’s will typically watch five videos a day, projecting a 70 per cent increase in opportunities for brands to target mother’s with young families.

But it is the type of content mother’s tune into that is specifically different than other types of viewers. Music related videos, people blogs and light entertainment are the preferred choices.

The implication for brands is that mothers watch a broader range of videos than the average viewer and are more likely to watch adverts targeting family-orientated content, together with household products, animals and “How To” information.

Even if your product does not specifically target mothers, creating promotional videos that capture a mother’s emotional state in relation to her family gives viewers a strong sense of recognition.

Remember, with video, viewers watch and absorb a scenario rather than focus on a project. Therefore by creating a video which the viewer can associate with, gives your ad a stronger purpose.

Digital advertising is gearing towards video marketing more than ever now that younger generations are more tuned in to digital platforms such as YouTube as opposed to traditional TV’s.

Television adverts dominated advertising for many years and although digital marketing has stolen the thunder, video platforms are likely to help advertising in motion picture reclaim their dominance as the leading advertising tool.

Understanding how categories of viewers spend their time in digital forums give brands an edge when deciding what content will most appeal to viewers.

And with the wealth of consumer behaviour reports available by leading companies like Google, marketers are given a clear insight as o the type of content to create for a target audience.