Website And Social Media CubesNow social media marketing is emerging as a promising source of sales, it’s probably time you learnt how to take advantage of the medium.

Unfortunately, social media marketing is not as simple as acquiring as many connects as possible and posting ads on their account. Customers do not just flock to you because you have a great offer! There is an etiquette.

But having said that, by following simple rules and dedicating some part of the day to social networking, you can make this effective marketing tactic really work for you!

Choose your friends carefully

It used to be the case that numbers counted. The more followers you had receiving your content the more likely you were to make a sale. It’s how the law of averages work. But that strategy will not work anymore.

Social networks have introduced paid advertising which means unless you pay, the majority of your followers will not receive your content, thus you make fewer sales.

Therefore numbers are no longer important. What is important is that your followers have a genuine interest in your content, products and brand. It is better to have 50 customers that convert than 500 that do not show an interest.

Don’t spread yourself to thick

Social media networking can be time consuming, especially if you are trying to manage more than one account. If you are using social solo, limit yourself to two networks otherwise you put too many demands on yourself. You may need to experiment which platforms will be the most effective for you.

Get to know your audience

Social networks are a great way to learn about your audience and what they want. Take note of the content they are sharing and the comments they are making. Build a picture of what your audience wants. That way you can shape your content to target their interests.

Don’t use a sales pitch

Using social platforms as an advertising billboard will quickly get you dropped by your followers. They are on there to hang out and share content with friends. They do not want to be bombarded with promotions and offers.

However, that does not mean customers do not exist in social circles, they do. But you have to attract their attention by delivering content they are interested in and getting them excited by products and services naturally, rather than saying you need this.

Producing content

The content you produce is key to your social media marketing success. If you do not produce content that appeals to your audience, you will not attract visitors to your site.

You can however, use social networks to determine the type of content your followers are interested in. What subjects are they talking about that relate to your business. If you don’t know, raise a query and get a message stream started.

Engage with your followers

Just because you are on social media to market your business does not mean that should be your only goal. You can actually raise your online profile by engaging with your connections and involving yourself in their comment streams.

If you can offer advice in your specialist subject, jump on that like money falling from the sky, but even if someone posts their holiday snaps, make a simple comment as you would if they were your real friend.

Don’t be put off using social media marketing because you think it is a waste of time. Learn how to use it for marketing purposes and you will start to reap the rewards.