RoboUpdates in search engine algorithms will often divide opinion in the digital marketing community. As a result “best practice” solutions can turn out to be wrong.

This of course sparks up yet more debate and SEO myths start circulating and can linger around dry damp for years. So, let’s take a look at the myths doing the rounds in 2015.

SEO will rank you #1 in Google

This is not necessarily a myth per se, but it is when SEO agencies claim you will rank #1 in Google within six months. As a matter of fact, there claims may be right, but their methods of getting you there are wrong – at least in the eyes of search engines.

If a company claims they will get you top ranks in a short space of time, they may well be using black hat tactics which will eventually be penalised by search engines. Expect penalties and a difficult climb back towards visibility (often taking more than a year).  Multiple penalties, mean an even harder climb back up.

Subfolders Rank Better than Subdomains

The subfolder v subdomain debate has been rumbling on for around three years now. Turns out both sides of the argument are wrong. There is no difference, one is not better than the other.

Search engines do not take the type of domain into consideration when ranking pages. All they want to determine is what the content is, although it’s safe to say architectural hierarchical structure passing relevance is important. Providing your page is geared towards search engine optimisation and is in the right structural ‘column’, it doesn’t matter whether you load your content to a subdomain or a subfolder.

Keywords in your URL perform better

In the past keywords were highly important for SEO and websites that matched keyword searches seemed to be ranking better. A trend of url names with keywords swept the internet.

It turned out however, that keywords in your url didn’t make such a great difference (they’re possibly only one part of a list of over 200 ranking factors taken into consideration), and even less so now. But the myth persists. But search engines have several indicators to read content and determine how to index a page, so again, if your on-page optimisation is good enough, your url name is not that important for ranking.

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