webBusiness 2 Community (B2C), an online magazine that provides business advice, is warning that in April, another change to Google’s algorithm system is on the cards.

B2C says that from April 21, Google will release algorithm changes to favour the consumer, ‘Rewarding companies who are mobile-friendly first.

‘Unfortunately, while previous algorithm updates have most heavily affected large companies, this new change will seriously affect smaller online publications and retailers who have yet to make mobile a priority.’ it says.

The change is crucial, because more and more people own a digital device, and use it to shop, trend and communicate. It is this critical demographic the new algebra will affect.

Pen Vs Sword

With our algorithm-obsessed online world, is there actually any space left for quality content? Does anyone even care whether a website is written using intelligent, sparky, artistic prose?

Such elements seem less and less important. Google’s new emphasis on shifting to mobile usability doesn’t appear to be about proper English or information, but about text sizing, ease of click through and minimising scrolling.

Glancing at people per hour reveals thousands of ‘writers’, within content mills, offering to create 2,000 words of ‘top quality’ content for £5 or less.

Cleaning up mobile usability is great. But is the net just becoming a repository for poorly researched, mass generated garbage? And do contributors to online content have a responsibility to do anything about it? The answer to that should be yes, otherwise how will we be able to provide information that is of value to readers?

Taking advantage of semantic search

The internet was intended to share information, not to become a virtual shop window for companies. Although search engine algorithms are more sophisticated than ever before, the semantic search function is not working as well as it might – and the cause for that is because content lacks information users want to search for.

Although the emphasis on keywords has taken something of a back seat, search engines still rely on keywords to determine what information users are specifically looking for. Until writers contributing content figure out how to take advantage of semantic search crawlers we could lose valuable information from the web…and then it will become a virtual shopping centre.

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