search engine optimisationAs we count down the end of 2014, it’s that time of year where we plan big for the next 12 months and set our business resolutions. Digital marketing continues to be a priority for business owners as we approach 2015 and many website owners out there will be planning their SEO resolutions.
With plenty good reason too, because SEO changes that quickly you should have a fresh set of objective each year. And to point you in the right direction, we’ve drawn up a list of the key SEO resolutions for you to keep in 2015.

Get your SEO strategy up to date

The first things you need to concentrate on is making sure your strategy is up to date. There are still so many businesses that practise outdated (and often dangerous) SEO – which is a scary thing in the days of Google search penalties.
If you trust your SEO strategy to a professional or agency then think about brushing up on the basics yourself. You don’t need to become an experts by any means, but it pays to know what the experts need to know – so you can pick them our from the rest.

Invest more effectively

If you’re going to invest in any marketing strategy you need to do it properly – which goes for SEO, content and all thing digital. Too many businesses half-heartedly pay a writer to fill up their blog page or take a stab at social media, without investing any real money into creating a genuine strategy to build their online brand. If you want to get results then you need to get serious about SEO and digital marketing as a whole – which means investing properly.

Revamp your blog

A good place to start is by giving your blog a makeover. Hire in a writer who knows their digital marketing and can use your blog as a platform to boost your SEO, social media and entire online branding efforts. A marketing-savvy content creator will take about visual content, micro content, guest blogs and link building – and that’s just for starters.
Blogging is a strategic tool designed to help you build you overall online brand – so treat it like one. It’s also a place where you audience should come for all the best information related to your industry or whatever their content cravings may be.

Rethink your social media networks

The new year is also the perfect time to rethink your social networks and see if you might be better off focusing elsewhere. Audiences change over time, users move on to other platforms and new networks come and go on a yearly basis. The best place to find and engage with your audience may not be the same place it used to be – so check to make sure they haven’t jumped ship and left you behind.