It appears Google is continuing to roll-out its “core quality updates.” We noticed some movement in correlation to core keywords and a number of tools were reporting flux following the week ending Sunday 10th January and other SEO’s reported changes as well.

The digital marketing industry has been/is expecting a new Penguin update, and some commentators reported the update went live over the weekend, which is understandable given then long awaited and expected Penguin.

John Mueller acknowledged the update was NOT Penguin. In which case it must be another phantom quality update the search engine rolls out from time to time – albeit unofficially.


The first quality update was launched in May 2015. Google did confirm this after some prodding. Noticeable changes have occurred since, but Google are keeping quiet about it.

What is the Google quality update?

Given Google does not share exactly how their algorithms work with the SEO community, we can only envisage a scenario based on years of extensive testing, with some SEO’s feeling that the update was around ‘freshness’ and others feeling it was around a ‘brand bidding’ update.


Furthermore, we should expect more phantom quality updates to spill through periodically during the course of the year, but Google’s ultimate goal will never change, even if their algorithms have to in order to improve search engine results.

The take-away point here is always, relevant and quality content matters (quality is subjective of course, as too is relevance).

Keep articles tightly focused, provide useful and relevant value to your audience and publish a variety of content across multi-channel platforms to increase online visibility.