IpadGoogle are at it again – sneaking out yet another algorithm without telling anybody how it will affect search engine rankings. All we know is that the update is part of the company’s core search algorithm, but is not related to Penguin or Panda.

Which leaves one of the little birdie algorithms, Hummingbird or Pigeon. Hummingbird relates to semantic text and Pigeon is local searches.

It’s all hush-hush at the Big G.

However, they did let it slip the update is intended to improve search quality – so we are guessing it is closely related to Hummingbird.

But do not hold us to that quote. It could be Mobilegeddon. Who knows!

Google phantom 3

Google has launched two phantom updates this year. The last one struck at the beginning of May, and although no-one in the SEO community is entirely certain what the algorithm correlates to, there were massive drops in search rankings.

It seems as though the updates may be related to the quality of content, although tests inside the industry to date have not been consistent. The whispers have certainly got the SEO community second-guessing, but it does appear as though Google is looking for ways of addressing low quality content.

In the past, Google has hinted their core page ranking metrics would take into consideration the standard of spelling and grammar on websites which would mean publishers posting low quality writing will be penalised.

It makes sense that the mysterious update will be another follow-up quality “tweak”. But nothing has been made official.

And it does seem odd that Google is being so secretive about something that innocuos. If they don’t start talking, other people will and you know how rumours can spread.

The best thing to do for your rankings is keep your site user-friendly and updated with high quality content that offers value to readers. And just in case, make sure pages have A-grade spelling and grammar!