IpadYour budget for a Google AdWords campaign can quickly disappear.

Especially smaller businesses competing against firms that can afford to spend more on primary keywords.

But rather than trying to reach an audience on a national level, nurture you budget by scaling your target market down to a local level. Small businesses have far more success with PPC by incorporating local SEO tactics.

Target Location-based Ads

By including your town, city, neighbourhood or even a street and postcode in your Ad Groups and Ad Copy will give you more relevant matches against local searches.

This tactic should help you maximise your ROI as user intent is clarified more than an ad with generic terms.

By narrowing your audience to a local level you should expect to receive more click-throughs and higher conversion rates.

Use AdWords extensions

Ad extensions enbale you to make “call outs”. The majority of ads only feature address and phone numbers. Whilst this is okay, if there is a local buzzword, event or iconic attraction in your area you can lean on local knowledge to reach out to your audience.

Include a postcode in your targeting

If you have offices in a prime location of the city where the postcode adds credence, use it to your advantage. For example: doctors on Harley Street in London, or estate agents with luxury pads in a well-sought after area.

Including an area code not only gives your add a swagger, but takes up far less space than a full address, which means you have extra space to use for persuasive sales copy.

Give users directions to your offices or shop

Web advertising is all about making it easier for your customers to get information they need. And that typically includes how they can find you.

By adding directions in your PPC copy you are not only pinpointing a location, but also giving an indication how to get there. This builds a picture of location in the customers mind.

For example, let’s say you have a tea rooms near Manchester Piccadilly train station, your ad could read: Luxury Teabags on Store Street. Just 2 minutes from Piccadilly Station.

Make locals feel special when advertising

Offers in ads always perform better – providing your offer is a good one of course. So why not include a special offer for locals.

Terms and condition will be necessary such as proof of address, but if you are using local SEO to target your audience, making your offer specific to locals as well with increase conversion rate.

You can expect to increase you ROI by including relevancy in your ads. And small businesses that rely on local customers will improve the performance of your PPC ads by focusing on things local people are familiar with.

Customers typically choose products and brands they recognise. In the case of local SEO, they are more likely to see and click on an ad that has local relevancy rather than a generic ad targeting a national or international audience.

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