IpadAccording to Google, around 15 per cent of searches performed by end-users on a daily basis are unique. But also ambiguous!

In the past, the search engine giant was not able to handle this category of searches effectively – despite their best efforts.

The Big G has come up with a solution though – they call it RankBrain, a machine learning cybermind that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make connections between search terms.

What is RankBrain?

RankBrain is a cog in Google’s Hummingbird algorithm. The AI system detects new ways a user types in search terms and delivers results based on the context of the type of words and phrases used rather than something similar.

It is expected that RankBrain will respond to longtail keywords better than the semantic text Hummingbird was promoted for. RankBrain is Google’s solution to making their search engine predict contextual meaning.

The algorithm can now recognise patterns to unrelated searches by recognising the context of the search term even when words are the same or similar.

For example, Apple the company is spelt the same way as apple the fruit, but if you wanted to know what the fruit symbolises in ancient myths, you get a list of results relating to myth and not handheld gadgets.

What does RankBrain mean for online businesses?

Because RankBrain can grasp ‘natural conversation’ – the way humans talk – voice search functionality on mobile phones will be more accurate.

Providing you have been writing rich content with longtail keywords for Hummingbird, there is not much more you can do with your marketing content – but you should expect to see better results from said content in search engines.

On the other hand, if you are still focusing your content around keyword terms and anchor text such as “web development services in Manchester” you no longer need to use the irrelevant words “in Manchester” in the body of your text – providing your contact page is set up correctly of course.

RankBrain essentially encourages online businesses to use normal language and improve the quality of their content so that it reads naturally.

As a quick takeaway, think along these lines: general words are more important to Hummingbird’s RankBrain than keywords.