IpadGoogle recently added a new feature to its Adwords platform that allows customers to directly call advertisers. The ppc ads still work in the same way as the current desktop ads, but aim to swerve part of the sales funnel and increase conversions.

Traditional Adword campaigns divert traffic to a landing pages, but then you have to rely on the strength of your copy to convert leads into sales. The new “call-only” ads are time-sensitive and should increase your chances of nailing the sale.

All it takes for you to set up the ads is to select the “call-only” option from the list in campaign types in the “create ads” section. Rather than providing prospects with a link to your website, it gives them a number to call.

Advertisers will still be charged for the ads in the same way Google charge for pay-per-click campaigns. Customers still have to click on your ad to make a quick call. A call button is embedded into the ad for user-convenience.

Potential for advertisers

The call-only campaigns promise huge potentials for online companies to increase their lead generation rates and their conversion rates. Mobile is fast becoming the go-to tool for online shoppers and with purchasing processes made all the easier, the benefits for retails and service providers are obvious.

By removing obstacles companies with sales funnels, mobile marketing give customers direct access to customer service and sales teams. Not only that, but prospects are calling you when they are ready to but, again increasing your chances of sales conversions.

Just as marketers thought pay-per-click advertising was a waste of time and money, the Big G pull a rocket out the bag – I wonder how long it has been in there!