Man holding tablet pc and credit card indoor, Shopping onlineIf you are bringing in sufficient traffic but not converting, you need to take action.

Below, you will find some powerful tips you should address to improve your conversions. Although these are not the be all and end all, (you may need tweaks elsewhere), they are key areas you should focus on to improve sales.

Improve your copy

Improving conversions typically requires concentrating on your website rather than off-page tactics. And magic sales copy is a key component to converting browsers into buyers.

Your copy should talk to the reader in a voice they can trust. Avoid jargon, buzz words and creepy sales copy and talk to them as though they were in your office sitting at the opposite side of your desk. In other words, treat them like a person, not a faceless customer.

Then ask yourself, does your copy provoke desire? Does it describe the benefits of your product and service and explain to readers what is in it for them? If you only concentrate on the features of your product without explaining why prospects need your services, words mean nothing.

Do you have a strong call to action?

People need to be instructed. They do not want to have to make decisions, or think about what they should do next. You stand a better chance of increasing your conversions if visitors act on impulse.

You therefore need a strong call to action that prompts readers to take the next step. It should involve one click or give them a phone number to call. Wherever possible avoid email addresses. If they have to copy paste your email address, open their email, write a message…you get the picture.

A strong call to action involves immediacy, convenience and a clear instruction. Subtly scatter your call to action throughout your sales copy then promote it loud and clear at the end. Also include a call to action on every page of your website.

Improve your offer

Assess your offer. Research your competitors and find out what they are offering at the moment. If competition in your industry is fierce and it has been a while since you conducted market research, it may be that your offer is not appealing to customers.

You may also want to deliberately undercut your rivals to increase sales. Selling more products at a lower profit margin is better than selling less products at a higher profit margin. Do the maths and work out what will be most profitable.

Acquire high quality customers

One of the mistakes a lot of online marketers make is focusing on acquiring customers. And it is often the case that you are successful in driving traffic to your site. The problem is, are you visitors the right customers?

Quantity is not better than quality in the digital world and consumers are more choosey about how they spend their money online. If you are using inbound marketing and pull marketing strategies, you need to be targeting customers that have a genuine interest in your brand and products.

Acquiring the right customers requires carefully targeted research and engaging with prospects. Hit social media groups and specialist forums to find prospects that are more likely to show a genuine interest that blindly shooting out hundreds of marketing messages.

Increase visibility through PPC campaigns

Okay, let’s take a different tactic. It may be that you actually need to increase traffic before you can improve conversion rate. And that means improving visibility.

Pay-per-click campaigns are the best way of hitting the front page of search engines. Furthermore, ads are pitched in front of prospects specifically identified by search engines based on the users past searches. Therefore you have user intent which increases your prospects of acquiring quality customers.

PPC campaigns also provide valuable data that enables you to determine how effective your campaign ads are and how much traffic they are driving to your site.

This critical data gives you valuable information about your page content. If your ads are driving traffic, but you don’t get conversions, you can identify which landing pages need sales copy to be improved.

Conversions is what keeps your online business alive so if you are not balancing your customer-to-conversion ratio, it’s time to look at how you can improve your sales copy and visibility.