pinterestPinterest has made some useful changes recently; an improved search facility with built-in spell checker and the addition of trending topics.

The trending topics is only available in the US at the moment, but is likely to be launched worldwide if beta-testing proves to be successful. But how can a ‘trending topics’ feature fail – so UK users can expect to see that in Pinterest accounts in the coming months.

For the time being however, dig your hooves into the new search facility. For starters, developers of the social account have embedded a spell check into the search engine to take into account the 12 per cent of mis-typed searches.

The search engine now offers alternative options that closely match user keywords in case there is a spelling error. And if searchers do make a spelling mistake, the engine will turn up results rather than a not found message.

This is Pinterest’s way of making their site more user-friendly. A spokesman for the social network claimed the new feature has helped more than twice as many searchers find brands, bands and celebrities they want to follow.

Pinterest is an image-based social media platform that can help raise the online visibility of retailers and other brands that benefit from visually-aided images. It is not for everyone, but if you think promoting your brand through images will help drive traffic to your site, Pinterest may be worth checking out.