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Whether you call it S.E.O., content marketing, natural search, organic search, or whatever is trending, one thing is for certain - The ways in which you need to optimise your website and attempt to influence the ranking signals externally to your site, will always require monitoring and adaptation.

SEO Is Changing

search engine optimisationThe search landscape is always changing. In particular, the past few years have been a real roller-coaster if you’ve been growing your business using SEO (search engine optimization) as a primary online growth strategy. Suddenly, ‘get more links – rank higher’ doesn’t seem to work any more for those with this saying as their mantra. Google Penguin in May 2013 saw to that. The rolling Panda algorithm put paid to the lowest quality content on the web, and continues to do so, and effectively rocked large, database driven sites, and sites with low quality ‘spun’ content to the core. 2013 was a year in which website directories plummeted in rankings, with some going into virtual obscurity. Manual penalties were awarded en-masse to thousands of site webmasters throughout 2013 and into 2014. Google Hummingbird quietly rolled out as a whole new algorithm.  Google continue to combat web spam and low quality content with new algorithmic changes.  Google Pigeon was introduced to deal with local SEO rankings.  These continuous changes can be quite confusing and difficult to keep up with if you’re running an online business.

How Can We Help Your Site To Rank Well In Organic Search?

How can we help website owners adapt to and embrace these changes as part of their natural search marketing efforts?

Search Engine Algorithm Watching

We spend a lot of our time monitoring the algorithmic changes in Google and the other two main search engines, Yahoo and Bing. We then test optimization techniques against the changes taking place on our own suite of testing sites so that we can bring those learnings back to clients’ projects.  We’re incredibly active in the SEO community; not only in the Manchester and Greater Manchester area, but nationally (we’re very engaged with SEOs from all over the UK), and internationally (we’ve travelled to the US, Australia and Europe to share our knowledge, speaking at International SEO conferences).  There isn’t much that gets past us when it comes to the latest updates in organic search.

We Learn A Lot – Extensive Research

Keeping up to date with the changes in organic search has never been more important, post Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon, Phanton and Fred. Those that do not adapt will surely fail in their online website marketing attempts. With over 200 ranking signals taken into consideration in the Google algorithm alone and with a minimum of 2 changes per day in search results, it is now key to ensure we are continually learning and researching for clients. In this way, our knowledge is current and highly relevant and qualifies us to pull together successful winning strategies. We spend a lot of our time researching, via search engine marketing blogs, podcasts, webinars, social media, online courses and qualifications, seminars, conference attendance, studying Google research patents and academic research papers by web search and data mining authorities. In fact, any way that we can gather more learnings to bring to projects.

Active In The SEO Community

We are active in the SEO community. We attend and speak at many conferences and seminars on the subject of SEO and the paid and natural search market locally, nationally and internationally. Again, so that we can bring these learnings back to our clients projects and our own testing projects too. Our CEO and founder, Dawn Anderson speaks regularly at conferences such as Brighton SEO, Pubcon (Las Vegas), Big Digital Adelaide (Australia), SMX, and more recently has been invited to speak at Mozcon (US), on the subject of technical SEO, the future of search, Google research, challenges for SEO consultants and agencies, and search engine spider crawlability issues.

Heavyweight SEO Tools

We invest heavily in enterprise level SEO tools to ensure we can bring all the data to the table that is required. These range from link research tools, search visibility tools, keyword analysis, ranking trackers, social media marketing tools, reporting suites. Not only do these enable us to have everything we need to plan and roll out an effective and adaptive natural search marketing campaign for clients, but they also allow us to increase efficiency, meaning that we can get the maximum ROI and overall results on projects.

Quality Not Quantity

We keep the number of clients that we look after to a minimum (a handful or so). We prefer to deliver on quality, not quantity. We do not just take any project that we get asked to pitch for. Not everyone is a fit for our agency, and we are not always a fit for them.  Because of this highly focused attention on just a few clients we are able to achieve outstanding results for those we work for. Because of this our client retention is very high.  We do not simply churn through new business and move onto the next company who contacts us, regardless of whether we can deliver or not.  Invoicing does not rank higher in importance for us over quality of results achieved. Because we deal with only a few clients at a time we are able to drill down into the heart of a site and find those few elements that can make a very real difference to a project, and which we would likely miss if we were dealing with many clients. Many clients have come to us through recommendation for either existing clients or peers within the SEO industry.

Data, NOT People Dependent

We do not choose to fill a room with junior SEO executives for the purposes of telling all and sundry about the size of our SEO team, in order to then pass these costs across to clients. We would prefer NOT to spend all our time dealing with the staffing issues and costs which naturally come with hiring and firing large teams in a highly transient industry. Instead, we keep our team to a minimum core of people who have been working together for a number of years and who know each other (and each other’s strengths) well. Because of this, we rarely have the ‘hand over’ issues which come with people exiting a team and passing projects across to business entry team members. Our client’s benefit from consistency, and are reassured, settled, secure and confident in the decisions that we make for them on their projects. We’ve built trust with clients through this collaborative core team of cross channel digital marketers. To compensate for the size of our team, we rely heavily on data driven tools and well-though-out processes. Effectively, we cut through to the solutions, instead of fumbling around with spread sheets and continually having to provide instruction to new and junior team members. Our data driven suites and automated and scheduled system updates mean that we are highly efficient and can achieve far more, with fewer people. We rely on the data tool makers to gather the info that we need to make effective search marketing decisions rather than relying on a less experienced team.

We Clean Up Sites

Often sites come to us via recommendation that are struggling initially because they have manual penalties for legacy link building activity which has been carried out historically by SEO agencies. In 2013 / 2014 we managed to successfully get 7 website’s manual penalties revoked / lifted by the Google web spam team. So, we’ve got quite a bit of experience in this area now. Some of these penalties had been lodged against the sites for well over a year (in one case almost 2 years and the website owner was at his wits end, believing that the penalty would never be lifted). Some of the sites had been with several SEO agencies, whose teams had been unsuccessful in getting the penalties lifted. Indeed, some of them may have even made matters worse. Some of the sites we have helped have had over 1 million links which needed to be analysed and assessed for toxicity or suspicion. We are now good at cleaning up links (and retaining good links during the process).

We Are Technical SEO Specialists

We have many years of experience in working on database driven, large scale websites. We know the issues which can come along with eCommerce site structures, faceted navigations, URL parameters and inifinite loops. We understand best practice when it comes to canonicalisation, href lang and internationalisation challenges and internal architecture optimization.

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