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Local SEO is key for 'bricks and mortar' businesses and multi-branch brands alike. Personalised search dictates that 'a local presence' gives businesses a key strategic advantage. One of the biggest weapons smaller ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses have over large brands is that of ‘local SEO’. Increasingly Google is showing personalised and localised results to those searching for services online, which means that those businesses with NAPs (name, address, phone numbers) connected to a specific area are much more likely to appear


Local SEO – Get Your Business Found Locally

Local search marketingOne of the biggest weapons smaller ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses have over large brands is that of ‘local SEO’.  One of the biggest contributors to this is the huge increase in use of mobile search and ‘on the go’ queries in search engines.  People are out and about and the first place they’ll often turn to to find a business, restaurant, shop, bar or other service is their mobile phone.

Search engines know this and they’re keen to ensure that the local businesses nearby the ‘on the go’ mobile searcher are those presented in search results.  Search engines know where the searcher is currently located because their mobile phone is often providing geo-location data which pins them down to a place.  On desktop or laptop devices such as PCs, the location of the searcher is identified often via their IP address (geo-location).

Increasingly Google and other search engines are showing personalised and localised results to those searching for services online, which means that those businesses with NAPs (name, address, phone numbers) connected to a specific area are much more likely to appear.

What Is Local SEO Marketing?

So just what is local SEO marketing?  Isn’t it just the same as any other type of search engine optimization?  No.  Local SEO is completely targeted to ranking your online assets in connection with a physical place or location.   This type of SEO ensures your website or webpage is specifically focused on marketing and ranking in search engine results pages for people searching for either businesses connected with a geographically defined location or whilst searching in a geographically located ‘place’ (location).  A good example of this might be – a searcher looking for a ‘locksmith’ whilst in the Manchester area of M4 postcode or the Northern Quarter of Manchester.  They’re unlikely to want to be connected with a locksmith in Aberdeen, or Glasgow.  A locksmith in Manchester would likely be much more helpful and the right search result for search engines to show to the searcher.  Another good example would be when a searcher literally enters ‘plumber in Manchester’, or ‘plumber in Altrincham’.  This is even clearer that the intent of the searcher is to find a local service based in a particular area or covering a specific area.

There are a number of ways to increase visibility for a local business, or even a large brand with many branches, to ensure that your organisation shows up when people search for products or services that you provide when they are local to you.  It’s not just when they type in the service and location either.  Even generic terms searched for such as the service you provide but without adding the location or area they are interested in seeking services from. Priority is given to businesses near to the searcher, and even more so on mobile devices as 56% of on-the-go queries have local intent and search engines know this. Increasingly the search engines are taking into consideration where web searchers are based geographically when they show ranked results, with the most ‘local’ businesses nearby showing up.

Huge opportunities are available because of local search and search engine behaviour to fine tune results for people looking for services in their nearby areas.

How Can Move It Marketing Help With Your Local SEO?

Move It Marketing offer a complete ‘local search strategy’ solution to get your business found.  Our strategy goes beyond just adding your site to a few local directories.  It involves a whole holistic approach to associating your brand with a location, and emphasising that your business is an ‘entity’ (a thing) in ‘a place’ to Google and other search engines.  Consistency is key in sending signals to search engines about location and we work with our clients to ensure that these signals are strong and highly relevant.  We also provide advice about building a local presence offline to support online visibility.

Marketing For Local Businesses

We’re aware that there is often no point in looking to target generic keywords across the whole of the UK or internationally for businesses who provide services to a limited area.  You’re hardly likely to want to receive enquiries from across the country if you’re a local locksmith covering only the Manchester area, or even a suburb within Manchester.  In these types of scenarios tailoring the campaign to be laser focused on your area and those people who live in and around your area is where our local strategy recommendations will fall.  We’ll identify with you where you want to receive results from and who you want to receive enquiries from and make that our focus KPI (key performance indicator).  Receiving enquiries from the wrong local region or area is simply a waste of both your time and money, because dealing with these types of leads invariably will mean you are spending your working hours dealing with pointless enquiries.

Google My Business Setup, Configuration and Management For Local Businesses

Google My Business is a service provided by Google to give some real control to local businesses looking to get found online.  There are real opportunities to add rich content such as photos and videos to this feature and make the best use of traffic from visitors actively seeking out local organisations nearby.  We work with clients to help them completely optimise for the local search marketing landscape for maximum return on investment.

Marketing For Businesses With Multiple Locations

Managing local search for businesses with multiple locations such as stores or branches in different cities or towns can become quite cumbersome.  It’s also all to easy to end up cannibalising the local listings for one location when optimizing for other branches or stores nearby.  Getting SEO right on these pages can make all the difference.  We take a fine-tune approach to multi-location management for brands and franchises to ensure that the levels of relevance for each geo-location are high enough to ensure that the right store or brand ranks for the right place.   Sometimes we’ll need to come up with creative technical SEO solutions using APIs or on-site coding to make this work just as needed and to ensure you get maximum visibility in all the right places.

Local SEO Business Marketing Consultants

Our local SEO consultants are experts in the field with in excess of 10 years experience in search engine optimization.  You can be sure they will provide you with the latest advice to arm you with everything you need to take your business to the next level in your local area and get found by people near your business.

Get in touch with us to discuss ‘localising’ your branches or local business with our winning local SEO strategies.

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