Content Marketing

Reaching out with 'killer content' to spread the word in all the right places

Reaching Out With The Right Content Marketing Techniques

Time For New Content Typewriter‘Content is King’, again (we believe it always was).

The algorithmic updates of 2012 / 2013 has meant that more than ever, quality content is key / crucial for any successful online campaign. Whether your content of choice is video, images, text, widget, graphs, charts, surveys, polls or something even more creative than these, it really is not effective if no-one sees it.

Furthermore, the content that brands add to their websites need to speak directly to their target audience in order to achieve the strategic objectives sought.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure that we clearly define the target audience and primary ‘personas’ to narrow down the content types and nature of content which will appeal to them in order to begin a relationship of engagement.

Building Relationships Through Outreach

webBuilding relationships through outreach for SEO is key to increased online visibility, but it’s incredibly time-consuming and there is a skill involved.

Our team of dedicated outreach specialists will reach out to authorities in your online ‘niche’ to spread the message in a professional manner about the content that you have available to share with them.

Reputation is everything online and that includes the company that your site keeps, which is often reflected in the type of links that it attracts.

We work on the basis that quality beats quantity every time and work hard to ensure that we are forging strong relationships with quality authorities in each client’s vertical to maintain maximum relevance and trust by connecting only with ‘real sites’ run by ‘real people’.

Other Digital Marketing Services

Move It Marketing provide a range of online digital marketing services which include the following:

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