search engine optimisationThe Homepage is typically the most visited page of any website – therefore it needs to make a good first impression.

Search engines use a broad framework of search objectives to deliver websites that best fit the end-users description, so the better optimised your site, the more chance you have of being found.

But regardless of how visitors arrive at your site, they will take a look at your website to learn more about your business, content, products and offers. And to find out this information, they will navigate to your homepage.

Optimising your homepage therefore increases your chances of converting browsers into buyers – without which your website is an expensive commodity.

What is search engine optimisation?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) basically involves matching the keywords on your website with a users search terms.

So take your products and services and think about what words a prospect would type into the search engine to look for a business that can satisfy their needs.

The next step is to persuade visitors to your website that you are the company they were searching for. Ask yourself, what does your business offer customers and explain why you are their best option.

How do I optimise my homepage?

The best way to optimise a homepage is by using strong headlines and strong calls to action. The font size for both should be bigger than the other text so they stand out.

You should also use a variety of visual images. These will typically include photo images, videos, diagrams and other animated icons. At the top of the page you need a hero shot.

The hero shot is the first thing a visitor sees when the page is loaded. It therefore needs to be aesthetically pleasing in order to evoke an emotional response and compel them to explore more of your homepage and your website.

Use visual images

The homepage should showcase your products and services. Break each one into sections of its own so there is a one-pointed focus. Include visuals in each section.

Photographs are the obvious choice for displaying images because they are the easiest and least expensive the produce.

Videos offer strong content opportunities and enable you to demonstrate the benefits of your products and services.

Then there are a range of diagrams and icons. They add something different and are the best option to use when photos and videos will not suffice.

The homepage is a breakdown of your business. It is your virtual shop window and gives visitors an insight to what products and services you offer. If the homepage is not optimised for search engines and conversions, your online business will not enjoy much success.