Solid Content Is The Key To Good SEO

Time For New Content TypewriterRewind to the early Penguin algorithm updates and the talk in digital marketing town was the death of SEO. Search optimisation sceptics announced its funeral, while the majority of SEOs struggled to fight back and defend their profession and recover their clients’ search presence at the same time.

A few years later and SEO is still alive and strong – although still scapegoat it seems when algorithm updates make marketing that little bit harder. Meanwhile, many SEOs that relied on ‘black hat’ techniques (the kind of SEO that really is dead) have jumped ship over to social media in search of a new quick-fix marketing tool – and optimisation sceptics now prefer to say that modern SEO is simply content marketing.

However, this doesn’t tell the whole story and the relationship between SEO and content marketing goes a lot deeper.

Without content there is no SEO

At a glance you can be forgiven for thinking SEO and content marketing are the same thing – especially when you see a plethora of blog posts telling you so. Be careful when it comes to doomsday articles and dramatic headlines though – they are great a grabbing readers’ attention, but not always the most founded argument.

So let’s just make it clear that content marketing and SEO are not the same thing. A better explanation is that Google algorithms have made a solid content strategy vital to any SEO campaign by rendering black hat SEO ineffective. Before you can optimise your online presence for search engines you need quality content to work with – it’s as simple as that.

People first, search engines second

So the emphasis is on people now, not search engines, which means you need to create content that offers genuine value to your audience – and this is nothing new. The old days of spam sites and keyword stuffing simply wouldn’t work anymore, regardless of Google updates. People are smarter than that and more web savvy than ever – something Google knows very well – which is why it has had to take action to keep itself at the top of the search game.

SEO is still distinct

This doesn’t mean keywords and link profiles are irrelevant now. In fact, they are more important than ever after the Penguin and Hummingbird updates. What many marketers don’t like is that keywords and link profiles are much more difficult to yield now – and potentially dangerous if you get it wrong.
Essentially, SEO has become a lot more difficult – which seems to scare some marketers – and sometimes it’s easier to write something off rather than get your hands dirty. Once upon a time, any marketer or content writer could call themselves an SEO expert; chuck in a few links and keywords and potentially make a good earner from it. Thankfully this approach to SEO is dead and genuine search optimisation can be left to the SEO experts that have been doing it the right way for over a decade.