IpadA new tool for AdWords will make it easier for marketers to track ad campaigns on mobiles according to Google. The California-based search giant has partnered with 20 new advertising networks to offer a comprehensive service.

The sophisticated upgrade enables marketers to integrate data with ad networks in order to pull consistent metrics that give deeper insights to mobile campaigns.

One of the new features however, is the ability to pull data from participating third party sites such as events and collaborating partners. Google’s intention for the tool is to offer marketers and users a structured platform that is more cohesive and allows companies to build API’s across multiple platforms.

Universal App Campaigns

The tool that will most impress marketers is the Universal App Campaign that enables you to promote apps across an array of media. In a similar way that search ads appear on Google Play, the new product will display AdWords alongside app results.

The Campaign App scales ads across Google search and the companies AdMob network in addition to its recognised platforms including YouTube and Google Play giving brands more exposure at the touch of button.

The new AdWord tools promise to drive more traffic without marketers having to put more time into preparing and posting content across multiple platforms. The tools are scheduled to be released in June, so keep an eye out.