Google Search On Apple iPad2 - mobile marketing for retailersWith the growing importance of mobile marketing, isn’t it about time your business developed apps?

With a bevy of apps available that make it easier for you to manage social media, promote your business, create content and target customers with portable devices, the answer to that is obviously yes.

But why and how?

You may have already heard that mobile marketing is the fastest growing industry ever and is only going to get bigger. This means that more and more people are using their mobile phones to shop – whilst they are physically shopping.

Surveys found that a large percentage of mobile owners use their device to compare prices and items in different stores. The latest trend for shoppers is to browse in one store, then run a Google search to see if they can find the same item at another store.

This trend clearly poses problems of customer retention for many retailers. However, there are a whole range of apps and mobile marketing technologies you can use to secure a sale.

It’s all app’ening

One of the leading methods for mobiles is QR codes which allow you send offers in the form of discount coupons directly to customers.

By using a mobile GP tracking device, the app will alert you when a customer is in your store or near your store. You can then send them the QR code which will show up as a barcode on their phone.

Mobile Apps are the most affordable and effective way to reach out to customers – even more so than social media networks. The best news is you can combine the two and install an app that manages some of your operations on social media.

Each social media network of course has its own app, but that still requires you to use each app independently. However, with the Buffer Social app you can manage a multitude of networks from one place to schedule updates and catch up with stats.

Online updates

With the internet real estate changing all the time, it can be difficult for online marketers to keep up with the latest developments. There are many apps however, that you can program to update you with the latest news so you don’t miss a beat when it comes to marketing your business.

Likewise, a bunch of apps that enable you to create content for cost-effective prices will save small businesses a fortune. Paying writers and artists to produce content for you is expensive, but with apps like Canva and Skitch you can create your own shareable content.

It’s clear from statistical trends that online shopping is becoming the norm and apps is a key driver of that. If online retailers do not kit out with a range of apps that make the transitional process smoother, you are making it hard work for yourself.

To make business life easier, you really need apps.