RobotNow that mobiles are the device of choice for online shoppers, apps are in the driving seat steering customers towards conversion. And that means including mobile apps in your SEO strategy.

Apps are just the same as content, landing pages and products etc. They need to be visible in search engines and social media networks in order for users to find them and download the app onto their device.

Between them, Android and Apple host around 3 million apps in their online stores. It’s not easy for any one application to stand out. You therefore have to promote your apps as you promote your products and services. And that means advertising them as part of your SEO marketing strategy.

App discoverability

Apps appear in organic search results as well as the ranking system in respective app stores. Getting your app featured in a magazine review or a bloggers “top ten apps for whatever” will also boost your visibility and user scores.

But don’t forget the basics first. Check which keywords your competitors are using and include high-ranking keywords in the app title and meta-descriptions. And don’t forget to track how effective your keywords are. Improving visibility takes time and patience rather than money.

Also take advantage of Google Now On Tap which gives third party applications designed for Android more visibility. Launched with the Android M OS, users have the option to grant or refuse apps access to their device.

Companies are also planning to grade apps based on the number of times they are used. Therefore, if you plan to build an app, make sure it offers real value to users on a regular basis otherwise you waste money building an app.

Indexing apps

To improve the discoverability of your applications, you need to give search engine crawlers permission to index your app and access deep links so Google bots can determine content found within your app.

Without this information search engines cannot match your app with keyword search terms. Your marketing copy for the app should also be specific. If users do not know what they can expect from your app, they will not download it, especially if they have to pay.

You can of course offer free trials which will increase the number of downloads, but you need to be confident users cannot live without your app so will buy it once the trial period is over.

Mobile apps are the future of mobile consumerism. If you do decide to invest in an app, you also need to be prepared to market your product so you can recover the outlay on your investment.

By incorporating apps into your SEO strategy you will increase the discoverability of your app and improve conversion rate on your online store.