Google Search On Apple iPad2 - mobile marketing for retailersGoogle is scheduled to roll-out its new ‘mobile-friendly’ algorithm on April 21st – so what should web owners expect?

Let’s keep this simple. If you already have a responsive web design, you won’t be affected other than moving up the Google rankings to replace websites that are not mobile friendly.

The bad news is only for companies that do not have mobile-friendly sites, otherwise known as responsive design websites. A responsive web design shape-shifts to fit whatever size screen visitors are viewing your website on.

If you do not know whether your website is mobile-friendly, it probably isn’t. But to be on the safe side, run a check through the Google Mobile-Friendly Test.

Why are Google launching a mobile-friendly algorithm?

A growing number of internet users access the internet on their mobile handsets. However, before mobile web design was called into play, websites did not fit on to smaller screens and are subsequently difficult to navigate.

The goal of search engines is to create the best user-experience as possible, regardless of the type of device users are accessing the internet. To encourage webmasters to provide a better UE, the search engine giant will give priority to websites that provide a good user-experience on a mobile handset.

The repercussions of the latest algorithm could be just as devastating to website owners as Penguin and Panda. The good news is that the solution is a relatively quick fix – get a responsive web design.

Having said that your site will be down-ranked for a least a couple of weeks until coders can upgrade your design and it is going to cost. It’s another “needs must” for online businesses!