Beautiful girl with tablet is using social mediaTechnology has a short shelf-life. We know this. But is there a plausible alternative to SEO than site-based rankings?

Apparently so!

Apps have been rattling around for a few years now, and they are starting to make a noise.

With the onset of deep indexing in apps, it could be quite possible that by the end of 2016, search could take on an entirely new concept. It certainly gives online marketers something to think about!

App indexing is already showing in search results. And Google enhanced app results with a new function earlier this year which gives apps the same priorities as websites.

Providing marketers are following search engine protocols for standard app indexing, apps launched by businesses will appear in search engines just like your website does.

What does this mean for marketers?

The rise of apps raises the question as to whether online businesses will need a website. It’s a valid question that could conceivably become a reality in the not-too-distant future.

But that’s a long way off just yet. Apps work alongside websites, but have the potential to offer businesses improved visibility in search rankings.

Apps are less expensive to build than websites and – when built well – offer users better information and interaction. At the moment websites are more versatile and hold more information.

Apps though are proving to be more convenient for consumers, especially mobile users. Deep linking in apps enables customers to open specific interfaces of an app they need to use.

And apps are specifically designed to perform certain tasks or provide precise information. They typically have less content that confuses search engines and readers do not typically have to navigate an app to find what they are looking for.

Apps therefore represent convenience and speed – two major factors in the minds of mobile users.

If your app answers questions that are directly related to search engine queries, it is possible that Google will give apps priority over websites.

Therefore apps give businesses the potential to improve their online authority together with search rankings for both the app and their website.