Beautiful girl with tablet is using social mediaGoogle is pulling out all the stops to cater for mobile shoppers. With handhelds fast becoming the device of choice for consumers, marketers have more tools than ever to target mobile users.

Although the Big G’s ad formats and extensions are not new for all online industries, they are for most. The new ad formats were launched last October for the automotive, travel, finance and eCommerce, but are now available for all verticals.

Mobile users expect rich content, and Google’s ad formats and extensions are designed to communicate relevant content users are searching for.

Essentially Google is moving away from keywords in favour of people-based targeting – which is a means of justifying collecting data based on the search terms of their users.

So is Google killing the keyword?

Not quite, but format extensions like dynamic ads and comparison ads suggest they are looking for alternative solutions.

Let’s take a look:

What are Dynamic Ads?

Dynamic search ads (DSA’s) in AdWords allow marketers to create campaigns that complement existing keywords to create a broad match for landing pages. DSA filter information from your website so it can find a better fit for search terms typed in by the end-user.

Using structure-based data rather than stand-alone search terms, give advertisers a double advantage. Data pulled from your site gives Google more information to match with user intent, and you save yourself the time-consuming hassle of selecting, managing and testing keywords.

Comparison ads

Comparison ads filter and sort similar ads side by side so that end-users can compare prices. The ads target discounted products and generate more qualified leads for online retailers.

The results are also published faster than standard ads – in less than a second. And mobile users demand speed so it is a win-win for both parties.

Comparison ads also target fast payment methods to make it even more convenient for mobile shoppers.

The best of the rest

Other Adword extensions include Ad Sitelinks which allow you to provide deep links from your site and pull them to the surface so that ads are more relevant and offer richer visibility for your brand.

You can also boost local searches by adding your business address to your ads and add seller ratings to boost customer confidence.

If you are thinking of pursuing an Adwords campaign, now is the time to take full advantage of Google’s new tools.