Google Search On Apple iPad2 - mobile marketing for retailersIt’s no secret that mobile will be the next big stage for marketers. The evolution is already changing at a rapid pace. Tools are not in short supply, but with so many options it can be difficult to know what form of mobile advertising will work best for your business.

When it comes to online marketing, there is no one size fits all strategy, but there are a wide range of tools that can help you get some leverage. Below are your best mobile marketing options.


Apps enable you to interact with customers easily and conveniently. Providing the app offers value that can be sustained to the user you will have more benefit. For example, a cooking app updated with recipes is better than an audio walking tour users will only use once.

Mobile image ads

When publishing content in the modern digital landscape, you have to consider the device your customer will be receiving your content. Given most people access their mobile when in cafés, on public transport and in bed, huge swathes of textual content is not going to be appealing.

The answer is images with ads, and there are many ways of producing images that will get your message across. You can produce content that deliver a message with free drawing tools downloaded from the internet, so just imagine what you can do with a professional package.

QR Codes

For some businesses, QR codes are an ideal way to directly connect with your customers. The best way to use them however, is to give the user a benefit in using them rather than just a sales message. For example, you can use them to deliver real-time information such as “your order has arrived.”

Mobile search ads

Google Adwords allows you to send paid advertising to mobile users. If you are doing a pay-per-click campaign and most of your customers are likely to be using their mobiles to browse the web, make sure to set the ads to target mobile users.


SMS is a little like the QR codes and can be intrusive unless they offer the recipient some benefit rather than information they don’t really need. They are best used when providing a service and to wish customers a happy birthday/Christmas.


There is a wealth of mobile technology available that allows businesses to identify when a customer is in the area. Mobile marketing in your locality enables you to send messages with up-to-the-minute information, answer queries immediately or even offer help when someone is browsing your site.