Trust - How can brands make their website trustworthyEarning trust from search engines increases your visibility in search results. Raising your game to earn trust from customers will increase conversions.

Trust and authority is high on the list of priorities for both consumers and search engines. If your web presence and online services as a whole is inadequate, you are less likely to earn trust from Googlebots or online buyers.

Don’t spam

Sending out unsolicited emails makes your company appear unprofessional – which is another word for untrustworthy. Furthermore, your website could be flagged up as a spam-sender which will negatively affect your search engine rankings.

Professional looking website

A well designed website that looks professional and is easy to navigate will score ranking points with search engines and appeal to users. Include plenty of information about your company that shows you are legitimate, successful and reliable.

Where possible include supporting information to back up your professionalism. Include brand logos of companies you have worked with and testimonials from satisfied customers.

Furthermore, be honest with the promises you give to customers. Correctly position your product in the market and do not over-egg customer expectations. Unsatisfied customers will leave bad reviews and comments of peer-review sites and social media accounts.

Your website should also include a privacy policy and terms and conditions. If you receive personal details from your customers ensure your site security is tight.

Create great content

Search engines encourage webmasters to produce great content – because that is essentially what end-users want. If your blog is not an interesting read, your images are poor quality or from stock photos, you do not leave a lasting impression on visitors – not a good one anyway.

Build an online profile

Creating good content onsite is essential – and so is creating great content on third party sites. Aim to publish content in industry magazines and influencer sites that have a good authority. Appearing in these types of online publications positions you as an expert in your field and increases your trust and authority scores.

Be careful not to publish on websites that have low trust and authority scores with search engines, and never pay for inbound links. There are some SEO agencies that offer guest posting services that provide weak inbound links which are not reliable and may even incur a Google penalty.

Write a winning About Us Page

The About Us page is a dedicated section of your website where prospects can get a feel for who your company is and what you are about. This is your chance to earn trust, reassure readers that you are the company for them and get them excited about working with you or using your products.

Describe the history of your company, how the business has grown and how many years you have been established. If you are a start-up and cannot rely on years of experience, tell readers why you do want you do. Highlight problems in the market and provide solutions. Or just tell them what great customer service you provide and why. Make your customers feel special.

Avoid intrusive immediate pop-ups and banners

Intrusive ads are annoying. Even if they don’t drive a customer away from your website, they certainly won’t leave a good impression either. Pop-ups, banner ads and Adwords make a website look and feel unprofessional. Furthermore, consumers are reluctant to leave their personal details on the basis your company does not appear trustworthy.

In order to increase online sales, improve revenue and be visible in search engine results, you need healthy trust signals. Prove you are trustworthy and you will have more success with your online business.