Local SEO For Your Business – Where To Start??

If your business welcomes customers though the door or offers services in a specific area, then you need a local SEO strategy. The rise of mobile internet has changed the way people search the web and the likes of Google and Bing have had to put a greater emphasis on local services in their search listings.

Search engines haven’t always been kind to smaller businesses – with results typically dominated by big brands – but local SEO gives smaller businesses a chance to climb the SERPs and give the big guns a run for their money.

Google Places

If your business hasn’t got a Google account now is the time to set one up. If you already have an account, head over to Google My Business and list your business details with Google Places. Start with your basic information – company name, address and phone number – plus your business description.
With your basic info all set up you can move on to your location settings and more specific business details like open hours and payment options. You can also upload photos to show people what they can expect when they arrive – especially helpful for restaurants and bars.


Citations refer to places around the web where your basic details are listed – the name, address and number you used to signup to Google Places. The more of these you have the better, but it is important they are all the same – and that means exactly the same. So don’t use abbreviations like “St.” in some listings but not others or search engines won’t be able match them up.

Directory listing sites are a great place to get your business details cited but be cautious of smaller or low-quality directories that attract spam, because backlinks from these websites could get you in trouble with Google. PROCEED WITH CAUTION HERE AS DIRECTORIES ARE VERY VULNERABLE TO GOOGLE UPDATES – USE ONLY THOSE WHICH ARE HIGH QUALITY AND RELEVANT TO YOUR BUSINESS


Customer reviews are local SEO gold – not just for your search ranking but for a better click-through rate as well. People trust the feedback of your customers and if your in the services industry there is nothing better for driving traffic to your site than a collection of top reviews.
You want to do everything you can to get as much positive feedback as possible so encourage your customers to leave reviews – but don’t be tempted to buy them. If your business is good enough to deserve praise, people normally don’t need much encouragement. Always remember that quality products, services and customer care are your strongest marketing weapon.

Semantic markup

Semantic markup gives search engines a helping hand to rank your content more accurately and markup vocabularies like Schema play a vital role in local SEO. You can wrap your content in Schema markup with your business details, customer reviews and other rich snippet features to make your listing stand out from the local competition.


Mobile internet is a major driving force behind the rise of local SEO so it goes without saying you should have a website that works flawlessly on mobile devices. The truth is local SEO means searchers on the go can make up their mind without going as far as your website – but you never know when a potential customer will land on your site and it would be a shame to lose them now.

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