Linkedin websiteSocial media networks are competing with one another to attract paid advertising from subscribing companies. LinkedIn is the latest to launch an initiative with a revamp of its Sponsored InMail tool.

The purpose for the upgrade is to encourage marketers to take advantage of the networks paid advertising facility in order to target a wider audience. A statement from the social enterprise says it hopes to “break through the limits of traditional email marketing and drive more leads.”

The new tool, currently in beta-status, is being trialled by 45 leading corporations and, on the provision it is successful, will be launched worldwide later this year.

Given testing privileges have only been awarded to a select few, we cannot give you a full report of how the InMail tool works or what advantages it will give users.

What we do know is the social network has formatted mobile-optimisation templates that allow marketers to strengthen their call to action, much like Googles recent “call only” feature in Adwords.

The advantages of InMail

The tool also allows companies to narrow their target audience down to industry, company size, seniority and job function whereby you can more accurately send messages to the right people rather than a blind and sweeping sales ad to an [email protected] account.

From a marketer’s point of view, it is clear to see the advantages the InMail tool offers, but how will receivers feel about it.

Companies will have to keep excellent records of targets that have already received a message otherwise you risk becoming unconnected and perhaps lose a potential prospect.