linkedinSocial media network LinkedIn announced it had published one million posts last week thanks to the publishing platform it launched last year.

The initial launch was only available to US based Linkedin subscribers, but its success has prompted the social media network to expand the platform to all other English-speaking networks. That will provide publishers with 230 million extra users from around the world to show their content.

The purpose behind LinkedIn’s blog-like platform is to allow companies to provide unique insights into their industry and show their expertise and ideas. In its first year, the number of posts on a daily based averaged over 40,000 and underscored what a powerful tool the social network is for B2B companies.

Why publish content on LinkedIn?

Of all the social media networks available for professionals, LinkedIn is proving to be the best platform on which they can communicate to their peers and share ideas. But more than that, it enables business owners to improve credibility and raise your online profile.

Any post you publish is shared within your network and stored in your LinkedIn profile. Providing you deliver high quality content that parts with relevant information you can position yourself as an expert in your industry and thus someone that can be trusted.

LinkedIn has a diverse number of users that are all connected with thousands of other users meaning your content reaches a ready-made audience – some of whom may be requiring your services.

For B2B and educated professional with a skill to offer, there is no better platform than LinkedIn and the blog platform that encourages writers to showcase unique insights, gives you even more reason to sign up and be content active.