Email Marketing Guide

Online marketing map and termsEmail marketing has fallen down the list of priorities for many brands over the last few years. New techniques like social media have won the hearts of marketers and business owners alike – yet email campaigns are one of the most effective ways to turn marketing investment into cold ROI.

So don’t let email sit outside your plans for brand domination in 2015. Instead, let’s take a look at five key steps to create a more effective email marketing campaign for the year ahead. And if your old email strategy is gathering dust, these five steps will give your inbox a healthy lift.

Email Marketing Guide – Make it personal

Personalised emails are less likely to end up in the bin and more likely to inspire action. Even names in the subject line have been shown to increase open rates by a sizable amount. And better yet, the content of your email can address the specific needs of individual recipients, their buying history or previous content they have viewed.
Of course you can’t do this for every single person on your email list. But you can collect the necessary data when you bag subscriptions and purchases – or even comments on your blog posts.

Get into segmentation

Segmentation is a key strategy for creating more personalised emails and a massive priority for marketers in 2015. Segmentation puts your recipients into relevant groups – let’s say gender, location and product type, for example. This means you can target both genders with different email content, offer people information relevant to their area and recommend other products that may interest them.

Go mobile

Over 65% of marketing emails were opened on a mobile device this year, which means you need to make sure your emails demand user engagement on mobile devices. Take a look at responsive email design and think mobile with everything you do. Keep subject lines and pre-headers short, while you want to make your calls to action big and obvious. Finally, think about content from a mobile perspective and realise that less may well be more in the modern age.  For further guidance read our guides to mobile optimisation.

Test, tweak & repeat

As with every part of your marketing efforts, the only way to know how successful you are is to measure results and try new solutions. It’s standard procedure to A/B test subject lines, but in 2015 it’s time to take your email experiments further. From the sender address, to plain text vs HTML campaigns and length of emails – you need to test every element of your campaign to increase CTR.

Trigger mail

Trigger emails are unique in that they are automatically sent out when a user performs some sort of action. A typical example would be a welcome email when someone opens an account or a thank you message after a purchase.

The trick is that users open far more trigger emails than they do traditional messages. Why? Because they don’t want to miss any important information about their signup, purchase or other important actions. So you need to leverage this curiosity and provide a next step in every trigger email that goes out. Direct users to another section of your website or come up with a special offer for new account holders – something that continues the conversion process and keeps your emails bringing in the profit.