Beautiful girl with tablet is using social mediaBuying products and services online has become integrated into our lives and consumers have more confidence giving their bank details to a faceless online business.

But they are not daft enough to give their money to just anyone!

As technology advances and new web design trends come into being, it is important for companies to keep up with the times and create a website visitors want to use.

If your website does not meet the criteria of modern day consumers, forget about improving your profits. Online users have demands and if your website does not do want they want, they will look for another site that does.

Easy to navigate

Consumers want convenience and speed. If they cannot easily find what they are looking for on your website, they will not hang around. Information architecture is one of the most vital aspects of a web design and must follow a structured path.

If you have a large site with a lot of product pages, or offer a wide range of services in an industry laypeople are unfamiliar with, label your pages with terms the public recognise and incorporate a search function into your site.

Conversion Rate Optimization tools

Conversion Rate Optimisation tools are proven to increase profits, but they can become outdated. With new and improved technologies, online tools help to create a better user-experience and make the purchasing process simpler.

The foundation of your website should be flexible so that you can easily remove, add or adapt CRO tools to keep up with incoming trends that will keep you consistently turning a profit.

Landing pages

Landing pages give customers more information and can be used to drive prospects towards your intended goal – either a product page or to capture user data. If the design or the information provided on a landing page is poor quality, consumers will not go any further.

Your landing pages should be designed to drive conversions without breaking advertising rules or forcing a sale. Regardless of whether you are creating a landing page for lead generation or as a click-through page, the content needs to give the information they expect to know, and be compelling enough for the prospect to take action.

Trust symbols

Trust symbols signpost you as a credible trader so include logos of recognised brands you are associated with. This can be either because you use their products to provide a service, sell their goods, or have carried out work for them.

For lesser known brands and the general public, use genuine customer reviews and update them on a regular basis. If you receive a mention in the media or a piece of content goes viral, flaunt the exposure, it is a strong signal that you are a legitimate business customers can trust.

If your website is not converting, the problem can be fixed onsite. Make sure your website is user-friendly, the information you provide is what your customers want to know and show that you are a trustworthy merchant or service provider.

If you are attracting the traffic, but not engaging visitors it’s time for a change. And a solid web design that ticks all the boxes will increase conversions.