Sign pole social media on whiteIf the worldwide web isn’t rammed with enough social media networks, why not squeeze in another. And thus shocase has shoe-horned one in especially designed to meet the needs of digital marketers.

Which means every company that uses marketing strategies to attract customers has a platform to share their work with rivals. Sounds like a great idea, right, he says with tongue in cheek.

As a matter of fact, dedicated sites targeting specialists are a growing trend. Not only do you share ideas, keep up to date with industry news and source for inspiration, for smaller ad agencies and freelancers, it is a chance to get noticed by bigger agencies and land a lucrative contract.

Still, Shocase may not be for everyone, but as the name suggests, if you are producing great content and moving digital mountains with your grasp of SEO, the social network is an ideal place to showcase your talent.

Take a Shocase tour and you will find the focus is on getting your work noticed. Content curators have the opportunity to approach marketing brands in the hope of securing work, and marketing professionals can keep up to date with trending strategies.

The thought of another social network to manage may warrant a sigh, but for freelancers and small digital marketing companies looking to attract more work, Shocase has the potential to offer better opportunities.