Girl with tabletUnless you are already ranking in the top half of page one Google, or at the very least the top 20, or operate to an extensive long tailed strategy, SEO alone will not earn you the visibility you need to make a significant impression online.

The same can be said for a lone social media strategy. Facebook limits the number of “friends” that receive your posts to just six per cent and Twitter tweets fall off the radar in less than a minute.

Linkedin and Google Plus mostly tailor for B2B contacts and the rest are just looking for work. That doesn’t mean unemployed readers will not engage with your content, but they hardly represent a boost to your profits.

Paid advertising

Online marketing used to be a cost-effective means of promoting your company, its services and products. But now social media networks have snared almost half the global population – many of which are businesses – the whoremongers have a levitated position to force companies to pay for their advertising.

And if companies want to make a profit by using online resources, they do not have many options others than forking out for paid advertising. The good news is that statistics show that integrating social ads and search ads generate a higher click-through rate and most importantly improve conversions.  There is also the benefit of the ‘halo effect’ which can be derived from building a brand recognition and a type of synergy (the sum of the parts is greater than the whole).

For example, when a user clicks an ad in Linkedin – a social ad – they are redirected to a landing page. Cookies on the landing page flag the user as an interested enquirer thus they become a target for search ads.

You can also identify prospects by allowing them the opportunity to login to your website and create an account using their social network login details. This tactic also gives you access to consumer data.

Integrating teams

When you integrate two strategies, you should also integrate teams. A social media team should be aware of what the paid ad team are promoting that month so they can look for social signals and act on them.

If you also have a content marketing team that publish articles, the focus should be on the promoted products or services in the paid ads. The social media team should have a schedule of when articles are published so they can track social engagement.

With limited opportunities to make an impression through organic search, online businesses have little option other than to opt for paid advertising. However, to make the most of your investment, you can still use existing platforms to spread your promotion wider across a targeted audience.