Multiethnic Group of People Socail Networking at CafeAnalytics show that the most visited page on a website after the Homepage is the About Us page, or, for sites which require interaction or have higher than average functionality and features, the ‘How It Works Page’. Engaging information about you and your company could be a deal clincher.

Therefore, you should be giving it the care and attention it deserves. It doesn’t cost much to write an About Us page, nor does it require much maintenance. It should be the virtual king of your online castle.

However, there is a snag. You have to strike the right balance between focusing attention on you and your company without boring the reader with stiff and unnecessary drivel.

Here’s how you go about doing that!

Talk about what your audience needs and wants

Although prospects are keen to know more about you before they take the plunge to work with you, they are still more interested about what you can do for them.

Without sounding cheesy therefore, talk sincerely about your reasoning for setting up a business and the intention you have for your clients. Focus on the problems, objectives and challenges faced by your clients, and how your business can provide solutions for those problems (pain points).

This may not work for every business in which case you should focus on the plain facts. Don’t make it boastful, but show you care about providing the best service your clients should rightly expect from any business.

Tell a story

An About page works effectively if you have a story to tell. You can write this in the first person if you choose, or in the third person akin to a magazine article about a celebrity.

Whether your story is an act of courage, a desire to fill the gap in the market to help people, a success story or because you needed an income after being made redundant, your business and your ideas have a history.

Not every business has an interesting story, but all stories have ingredients in them that appeal to human emotion. And central to every effective story is the ability to evoke emotion in the reader so focus on the human aspects.  Another cliche, but people really do buy off people.

Use testimonials

Nothing sells better than word of mouth advertising. It always has and always will. If your business is already established and you have genuine customer reviews, use them in your About Us page.

Other people’s views and comments may not tell your story, but you can cut your story short and use testimonials to support what you say about your business aims and promises.

Your About page should include your success stories, but boasting about them does not come over well. Coming from a third party on the other hand is an extremely powerful way of presenting the same information.

Even if clients do not submit a testimonial, there is no harm in asking them for feedback when you deliver your service. This may not always be in writing, but a face-to-face confrontation will normally be rewarded with an honest response.

Ask customers what they liked about your service and what makes you stand out as a business. All this information is useful for providing inspiration for your About Us page.