The good news for online businesses is that consumers are more confident about purchasing online now than they were a few years ago. The reason for that is because online businesses have earned the trust of online shoppers.

It stands to reason that online businesses will increase conversion rate if consumers trust your brand. Not only that, but search engines use “Trust” as a ranking factor.

The higher you rank in search engines, the more trust you earn with consumers. Which means you need to be updating your website with trust indicators and looking for ways of earning trust points to comfort your customers.

Web design

A professional looking design goes a long way to ensuring prospects that you are a genuine company. However, even the free websites from platforms like Wix and WordPress look good.

The difference between a free website and an online shop is that the on-site navigation and additional buttons make a better user-experience – which in itself improves conversions and rankings.

A website that has clearly been invested in is a strong indication to visitors that you are a genuine business and can be trusted. There are other indicators that help support this however.

Physical address

Showing that you are an organised business gives you extra credence with customers. Identifying your physical address with a pin in Google maps also helps drive traffic to your site in local searches.

Maintain your blog

Consumers look for signs that a business is genuine, and still in operation, by how well maintained the site is. You can do this by adding regular blog content so visitors can check the dates.

Blogs go a long way to earning trust, specifically professional firms that offer specialist services. Adding quality content to your blog offering advice also positions you as an expert in your field which earns the trust of visitors.

Create a genuine voice

Salesman and marketing slogans in general do not have a high trust factor with consumers in general. Hyping up products and services, and using bells and whistles to promote your products is an immediate turn-off. Hype does not influence modern day consumers.

Your brand voice should sound genuine and deliver a message readers trust. Offer advice and tell customers exactly what they can expect. Appeal to their sensibilities and show you can resolve their problems by explaining how you can help rather than by bragging with sales language. Bragging is blagging.

Earn credibility

Word of mouth is still the strongest form of advertising. A survey conducted by Nielson shows that 84% of online consumers trust reviews and recommendations from their friends.

Adding testimonials to your site help earn trust – providing they are genuine. Customers will check. Inbound links earn trust with search engines which increases page rank and will improve conversions.

You can also improve your online credibility by contributing to industry magazines and contacting influencers to write about your product. Although writing for third party sites do not earn you inbound links recognised by search engines, linking to these articles from your site give you creditability with prospects.

Although online consumers are more trusting of online retailers and service providers, competition is still high. To attract customers over your rivals, strong trust indicators give you the edge.