Website And Social Media CubesAlthough social media is not strictly a sales platform, it is proving to be a powerful marketing hub where online businesses can raise their brand profile.

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat enable online businesses to stress a unique value proposition and improve user-experience for customers.

The principle focus of your social media campaign should therefore be centred around trust. Social users are typically the younger generations and millennials do not fall for advertising – but they are responsive to brands they trust.

Publish quality content

It goes without saying that the quality of your content will determine the number of readers you attract. And social media is a great way for getting your content in front of more people.

Professionals can take advantage of the social culture by positioning themselves as an expert in their field and developing trust with followers. Post quick tips that are practical and actionable, publish comprehensive how to guides and answer the questions of your followers.

Use images

Images and videos are proving to be the most effective media for attracting clicks, likes and shares. If you are publishing an article, an accompanying image at the top immediately captures the eye of your audience.

Ideally the image should catch the eye, relate to the theme of the article and be of generally good quality. Video has obvious benefits for advertisers and statistics show has the highest click-through rate of any online ad format.

Develop a personality

Building an online brand is tantamount to you becoming a mini-celebrity – providing you get a following that is. And you will have a better chance of growing your fan base if you have an infectious personality.

Projecting your personality through writing and images is obviously more difficult than standing on a stage or being interviewed like the top stars are, but it is not entirely impossible. You could even make a video with you in it!

The key to mastering an online personality is to develop a voice that reflects your brand image. The main goal is to earn the trust of your followers so they believe what you say.

For example, some businesses can afford to be light-hearted and bubbly, whereas some businesses need to portray and air of authority and be more serious and business like.

But whatever personality you need to reflect in your brand, make sure you get one thing right – be human. And talk to the reader like a human. Imagine they are sitting in front of you face-to-face and bring this out on your writing.

Partner with social media influencers

The quickest way to earn the trust of your followers on social media is to get an influencer on board. Unfortunately that is easier said than done as celebrities are very selective about which brands they choose to be associated with.

However, that should prevent you from following celebrities you know have some interest in the products or services you provide. A Google search for “celebrities wearing Shwood sunglasses” for example will churn up a reasonable list of celebrities to troll.

The key point to remember about social media marketing is that users are there to share their experiences and ideas – not to buy products and flick through advertising material.

Therefore your goal should be to create a brand personality that is liked and trusted. Be active on social media by answering queries and joining in on conversations and eventually you will become a social celebrity.