When Google first launched Adwords it was used solely as a tactic to accompany SEO. But as paid search has evolved, online companies are recognising the value of using PPC as a branding strategy.

The fact of the matter is paid search is a powerful marketing tool. It gives you visibility in search engine listings, drives traffic and helps to increase conversions.

Paid search is not for everyone of course, but as online shopping goes mobile-centric, the need for visibility in search engines becomes more critical.

Building your brand

To build your brand online, you need to connect with consumers. But the only way you can do that is by being seen. There is social media of course, but attracting new customers that want to engage with your brand is a slow process.

Search on the other hand attracts customers with intent. They are actively looking for your products and services. Not only does Google et al work for brands, it works for consumers as well.

But you have to find a way to connect with consumers actively looking for your products and services and that are ready to purchase. And paid advertising is the only strategy that makes that possible unless you have had a dedicated SEO strategy for years and have not been punished with Google penalties.

Audience-based solutions

So your brand is now on the first page of search engines. But so are a score of other competing firms. Half the battle is won, but you still have to attract users to click on your ads.

And that means getting into the mind of your audience. Consumers want solutions. This is where brands come into their own. What solutions can your company provide that your competitors don’t?

If you do not have one already, create a unique selling point. What gaps are there in the marketing that nobody is filling? Research statistics, developments and trends in your industry to identify problems you can solve.

AdWord tools

Google has developed its paid search platform into a powerful marketing tool by adding new services that allow brands to improve their campaign strategies.

Launching ads is quicker and easier to do since the launch of the shopping campaigns feature which allows marketers to feature attributes such as images alongside the price and promotional message.

You can also attach ad extensions to make your promotion stand out with additional information. Including location, phone numbers or auto-reservations are highly effective for local searches.

Adwords is not only transforming the way in which brands can attract new customers, it is providing marketers with rich signals that hone in on user intent across multiple channels.

Not only that, but with the data analytics in your Adwords account, companies can learn more about market trends, user behaviour and the competition which is vital for devising effective marketing strategies.