IpadSearch just got smarter – apparently! According to Google at least, but they said that about Hummingbird. Yet, Now On Tap is thought to be the real deal and will provide answers related to the users actions rather than matching keywords in search terms.

Google Now On Tap was announced in the company’s I/O developers conference which was held last week in San Francisco. Whereas current search algorithms already understand context, Now on Tap can predict queries based on past user experience.

Although Google Now already performs a predictive function, the difference with the latest development is results will be more accurate. And from anywhere on your Android phone.

The app will enable users to bring up “Google Now Cards” which feature additional information of whatever subject you are searching for or that relates to information on a page or email you are browsing.

A Google spokesperson gave the example of reading an email that mentions Tomorrowland. By clicking on the Home Button you can call a Google Now card which will have a link to a trailer.

What can Now on Tap do for marketers?

The new search function could give marketers ample potential to attract customers. Developing a pack of Google cards about your brand, products and services will give prospects access to information they specifically want.

For example, if you own an online business that offers a specialised service, the browser will want to know about your qualifications, history, reliability and success rate. You can have a separate Tap card for practically any question customers typically ask.

Retailers could also benefit from providing additional information about their products, such as how many are left in stock. Content will have a big role to play if Tap cards are going to work effectively.

Will Now on Tap be popular?

For the time being, there is insufficient information about many products, services or brands that will make Tap an instant success. However, it will be launched as part of the Android M interface, so is available now.

Marketers can steal a march on their competitors by optimising your online business to function with Google Now on Tap. The more information you provide to consumers that is easily accessible, the more inclined they are to follow you and purchase your products.

You can also use Now On Tap cards to drive traffic to relevant content that forms part of your purchasing path and therefore enhance your chances of increasing conversions.

The best time to try something promising is in the early stages, because by the time your competitors learn about it, you have already mastered how to make the most of the new function and already have a paying audience.