social mediaHere’s a novelty – get cash back on the content you publish. It may sound unreal, but new social media site Tsu aims to do just that.

The social upstart promises to give users 90 per cent of the ad revenue their content creates. When you consider Facebook is making $2.2bn a year from its users, Tsu’s business concept is either very generous or commercial madness.

Tsu was only launched last October 2014, but has already amassed more than 3 million users. You can expect that number to grow sharply once word gets out about cashback on content.

Could this be the social network that topples Facebook of its perch?

Only time will tell, but the incentives for advertisers is certainly more appealing to small businesses than the paid advertising Facebook offer you, especially when you consider the Facebook fraud a few years ago! Can you really trust paid FB ads?

How Tsu works?

On the surface, Tsu works like most other social networks for marketers. You find your audience and publish content. All members of your community will receive your content (and not just 6%) and is also filtered down to your friends’ friends.

The major difference is that for every £100 of ad revenue you accrue from your content, £90 gets shared with users who share and re-share content. So if 8 of your friends share your content, you each get a spoil of the revenue.

The split-share is as follows: content creator 50%, first share, 33.3%, second share 11.1%, third share 3.7%.

One of the company’s founders, Sebastian Sobczak said: “We are fighting a philosophy. The status quo is everything is going to be free — your photos, your status on social…If you are the contributor driving all value for these platforms, there are better ways for you to be compensated for your content.”

Given established social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are not SME-friendly, trying alternative networks could open up new opportunities. There’s certainly no harm in trying.