Social media 3Social network, Flipboard last week announced the introduction of a new tool that is intended to help marketer’s positon their brand and products in front of consumers.

The new tool has been called ‘Promoted Items’ and aims to pitch content in front of users. However, the content will be flagged as a ‘promoted item’ so users know it could be advertorial before they open it.

Flipboard has said the purpose of the new tool is to allow businesses to share their best content with a wider audience and encourages native advertising to generate organic traffic.

Interest channels

Users have the options to follow brands based on their lifestyle interests and also gives marketers the option to ask readers to sign up to a newsletters or new feeds to follow their content on Flipboard.

With native advertising leading marketing strategies online, Flipboard’s Promoted Items is a tempting option for marketers to optimise content and produce a platform that is easily accessed and digested.

Flipboard is part of the Google Play forum and allows you to create content you can build into a “personal magazine”. All types of content including images, video and written text enable you to assemble your best items.

Essentially, promoted items is a blog that gives you enhanced reach and the tools to design your content to look like a professional magazine. It’s just what your business needs!