FacebookFacebook is readying the launch of new tools and insights for publishers. The social media giant has reacted to criticism from marketers who claim their advertising is not finding their customers, by programming a suite of tools designed to be “more intelligent” and more incisive at reaching targets.

The jury is still out on Facebook as an advertising platform. Far too often, small businesses invest time and money in social networking without the end results. It is hoped the new tools will be more effective and encourage publishers to distribute more content across the network.

The new tools include “Interest targeting” which finds users that are open to receiving your content, and “smart publishing” which transfers popular articles to Newsfeed and gives you analytical data that could prove critical when assessing what is hot and what is not!

However, for the time being, smart publishing is only available to “a limited number of media organisations,” for testing, but the company hope to make the function available for everyone in the coming months.

Premier advertising platform

Facebook is clearly looking to improve its appeal to SME’s rather than smooching to large corporations that have the funds to pay a team of networkers to be social media active.

Earlier this year, a survey conducted by Quantcast found that Facebook outstrips rivals in referrals to news sites and entertainment pages. However, the network is hoping to support small businesses rather than be used solely for social engagement.

The new tools are designed to help blog owners and content marketers identify the type of content that is attracting the largest audience. Improvements to Domain Insights also enable marketers to see who is sharing their content.

The company’s director of global media partnerships Andy Mitchell explained that the new tools are to help publishers understand their audiences better. The intention is to allow publishers to “maximize the audience they reach on Facebook.”

Keep an eye for new Facebook tools, as they show promise and may actually help small businesses reach their audience.