Man holding tablet pc and credit card indoor, Shopping onlineJust months after Google announced the addition of a buy button, social media giant, Facebook has teamed up with Shopify to launch their own instant purchase option.

The feature has been in the making for almost a year and will allow consumers to buy products and services straight from their newsfeed without having to click-through to the host site.

According to Shopify, a small group of merchants in the US have successfully beta-tested the new ‘WANT’ button which will be made available to a variety of online businesses across the web.

How does the Facebook WANT button work?

Online merchants with both a Shopify and Facebook accounts can sync the two channels and install the WANT button on selected products. You can also promote products through paid advertising.

Consumers will have the option to buy products directly from their Facebook newsfeed, but will be required to input their bank details to the social media account.

Doing so will mean they can make quick and easy payments every time they make a purchase from a merchant hosted by Shopify. Both companies have been quick to assure consumers that the payment system is safe and secure and built with privacy in mind.

It is believed the feature will make payments a lot more convenient, especially for customers using mobile devices. If users do not want to purchase immediately, the feature also allows them to create a wishlist.

How can I get a Shopify WANT button?

In the early stages of launching the WANT button, Shopify and Facebook will notify selected merchants by email. However, even if you do not receive an invite you can still register to join beta-testing by requesting and installing a code from Shopify’s support page.

Although set-up is not difficult, it does require some technical knowledge. First of all you have to retrieve a code from the account, create a Liquid Snippet and add the button to your product pages.

The feature is intended to raise the visibility of online merchants and create insights for customers to learn more about your brand and products. You can also keep track of prospects that show an interest in your products whenever prospects add you to their wishlist.

Shopify is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms on the web and provides a great opportunity for online retailers to extend their reach. If you are not already using the platform, the new WANT button coming to Facebook newsfeeds should convince you to take the plunge.