You’re barely over the Christmas rush when the January sales hit. Then it’s all hands to the pump again. But this is the season to maximise your profits.

But there is a lot of competition, let’s not forget that. So how can you make sure your business start the New Year off as winners? Here are a few pointers!

Fix mobile web performance

It doesn’t matter whether consumers are buying online or in-store, the majority of shoppers use their mobile phones as part of their shopping routine. And that means hitting up your website with their handset.

Mobile users do not have the patience to wait for websites to load. If your webpage is too slow you risk losing customers.

This is not only a problem you will have in January, but all year round, so you may as well use the sales period to fix the lag. Make your New Years resolution a business solution.

Remove any unnecessary CSS or Javascript. You don’t need bells and whistles on your website, you need a website that sells your products. A few tweaks here and there should resolve the problem.

Beat price comparison

It has become the norm for consumers to use their mobile phones in-store to compare your prices with other retailers. But you do not have to lose your customers to your competitors.

Make it clear that you will offer a lower price than any competitor even if the price on your sales label is higher. If customers can prove your competitor is selling merchandise for less, be flexible on the pricing.

Personalised marketing

Personalised marketing is a trend many online stores have not got their head round. Consumers will typically unsubscribe from misplaced emails that are not relevant to them.

The point of asking consumers to give you personal information is so that you use it to target them with offers they may have an interest in. Yet far too many online businesses do not use this data and scatter emails at random.

You will increase your chances of a higher success rate – and keep your existing customers – by targeting them with specific offers that marry with their interests.

Social media sales

Being active on social media networks is also another way of directly communicating with your audience. You can make social media your most effective tool this January by posting content that creates a pathway to product landing pages and interacting with customers.

Offer long-term rewards

The January sales may offer great financial rewards for the short term, but how about the long-term? You could use the sales period to offer membership or discounts on future purchases in order to attract customers for now and lay the foundations for customer loyalty moving forward.

The sales season is a prime time to boost your online sales profits, but you can also use it to get the year off to a good start – and to start as you intend to continue.