Man holding tablet pc and credit card indoor, Shopping onlineGoogle Shopping Campaigns is now available to every retailer in the world. The option allows you to promote products and manage your inventory directly in Adwords.

Launched in October 2013, the digital showroom had previously only been available to selected advertisers before its full launch in the US. Following its success, the search engine giant has opened Google Shopping Campaigns for global business, allowing you to streamline your PPC reports.

The additional data you can pull from your inventory will help you define your search for certain products and determine which are receiving the most interest, together with how much you pay per click and your click-through-rate.

Benefits of Google Shopping Campaign

Google Shopping Campaigns allows customers to search local ad directories for specific products, and informs them how many units each store has left in stock. Feedback from retail outlets in the US confirmed the Google Shopping Campaign feature has help to leverage mobile searches and increase sales.

It has become customary for shoppers with an intent to purchase, research prices and stores on their mobile phone. Typically a consumer would go into the nearest store, but if they find a better item at a better price across town, they may be prepared to go the extra distance.

Searches on mobile handsets have more than tripled in recent years, and Google is hoping the Shopping Campaign option in Adwords helps small businesses secure more conversions.

According to data published by the search engine giant, a third of consumers searching for products through location-based ads visit the store. Google Shopping Campaigns is a small change that can make a big difference.